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Coach, personal stylist and supporter of female expansion

Thank you for viewing my website. I guess you are checking out my website because you are feeling frustrated. Has your confidence taken a knock? Are you struggling to manage demands of work and life? Self care culture club empowerment coaching is for you. Maybe you have made the internal transformation and want your personal style to reflect who you are but not sure where to start? Full circle styling @ self care culture club is a service for you. I help career minded women increase their confidence, reduce stress, overcome procrastination and encourage them to make empowered decisions to take their career/ business/ life to the next level.

Welcome, I am Annette – the woman behind Self care culture club…

A UK based certified life coach and personal stylist. I am an advocate at heart dedicated to serving women globally.

Self care culture club was created following my own experiences of enduring destructive relationships, navigating family issues, racial discrimination and colorism that impacted upon my self worth. Also holding onto limiting beliefs that hindered my physical health and career decisions. I do not want women to experience the anguish I have experienced. Self care culture club is a platform that serves to empower career minded women to take courage to do what is right for them and know the unrelenting power of their inner voice.

Get the full details about who I am, my credentials and what I have helped clients achieve through my services on my about me page.

SCCC Empowerment coaching sessions with Annette

I help women overcome limiting beliefs, increase their confidence and gain clarity around personal and professional goals through using self care practices. I encourage empowered ways of thinking by challenging unhealthy belief systems and serve as an accountability partner to keep them aligned with their vision. Take action and click on empowerment coaching services

Self care culture club empowerment coaching services:

Empowerment check in

30 minute one on one coaching session for clients who have already established their vision and require check ins to keep on task.

Empowerment sessions

60 minute one on one coaching session to unblock challenges and or clarify your vision.

Empowerment through self care program

This 8 week program will empower you to stand in your truth. At the end of the program you will gain self awareness, devise a clear vision, align with your vision, explore and use self care to introduce life balance and reduce stress.

Women who have worked with me have gained:

  • Awareness about their career decisions and personal relationships.
  • Insight into what they could do to increase their physical and mental well being whilst navigating a busy work schedule.
  • Clarity on how their emotions create unhelpful habits.
  • Accountability.
  • An understanding of how they can set self care habits to keep them on task to completing their goals.
  • Skills to challenge negative self-talk and increase confidence.
  • Insight into how their identity impacts upon on their life.
  • Guidance on stress reduction.
  • Assistance in exploring ways to overcome limiting beliefs that prevent transition.
  • Clarity on how to overcome procrastination and be receptive for expansion.
  • An impartial perspective on their current circumstances.
  • Support on how they could transition from being an employee to employer.
  • Guidance on how they can live in alignment with their purpose.


”Hi Annette, I just want to thank you for taking your time to talk to me over the phone and listening to my goals and where I am stuck. I must say that you spoke with a lot of professionalism and also I could sense caring in your voice. I am excited about my coaching career and you’ve showed me options I didn’t think about. Thank you very much and I wish you much success in your career ahead”.

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‘She believed she could & so she did’

 I will share my knowledge , expertise to guide you to explore who you are, where you want to be and instill practices that will enable you to create and feel empowered.

Empowered She Podcast

Monthly podcast Empowered She. A podcast for women that want to feel inspired and take action on becoming an empowered woman. Expect heart felt discussions, practical steps and motivational words from guests who are experts in their field. Listeners can submit questions for guidance. If you have a question please get in touch.

Full circle styling @ Self care culture club

Personal shopping service

Are you feeling unsure about what to wear to an important business meeting, wedding or for a special occasion? do you have a holiday fast approaching and dreading trying on swimsuits because you are not sure about the cut. This 4 hour service is for you. I offer in persona guidance on how to put together outfits with the aim of making the most of your body type and increasing body confidence.

Wardrobe consultation

Do you feel your clothes no longer reflect you as a person? Are you feeling fed up with the clothes you have in your wardrobe? do you feel overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe door? try 4 hour wardrobe consultation service. I help you to fall in love with your clothes through creating outfits and making suggestions on how to make the most of your clothes.

Style on call

Have you ever needed a quick chat to decide if style of dress if flattering? struggling to find a gift for a loved one. Style on call offers guidance on how to get it right.

Organizing my space

Do you have room(s) in your home or business space that makes you feel stressed? struggling to create a creative space or constantly loosing items because of lacking in organization. This service is for you. It will help you gain control of your space which will have a positive impact upon your mind.

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